T’is Christmas

This blessed day

When the snowflakes

Dance down the sky

Bobbing around in the air

This blessed day

When the children play

In the snow, diving down

Going up all the way

I want to say

A prayer for all of those

I know, and even those

I don’t know at all…

I hope you find peace

No, I hope you become peace

I hope you love

I hope you become what

You have always dreamed to be

Personalize your fantasy

This blessed day



Walking Down the Runway

She strolled the luscious trail

She strolled the luscious trail

With the galore of a majesty

And strides of a diva

Cheered on by one million fans

Carrying one million dreams

In her deluxe purse

And behind her sanguine smile

She held one million plans

To fulfill them

But suddenly

Her starlet heels got caught on something


She stumbled delicately

She fell

For his smile

She was hypnotized

By those big brown eyes

She did not realize

The crowd was fading out

Her purse was robbed

She tried to flee

To rescue a part of herself

But his arms strangled her being


When he finally let go

She gasped for air

Looking around only to see

Everything was gone

And so was he

She was all alone

Now in a dingy cell

Behind the bars of her own fear

Of loneliness and questions

She cried and hated and despised

In countless hours of darkness


When a drop of dawn touched her

Warming her freezing soul

She looked up surprised

To see a little hole of a window

Her vision was blurred

But she thought it said hope

And with that she brushed her black hair back

And dragged her fatigued body

Towards hope- high up on the dungeon wall

And started planning her escape

For she was determined

To once again rope herself back to life



Dear Stupid Heart

Dear Stupid HEart Finalest

Dear Stupid Heart

You have failed me

Yet once again

You have gotten out of hands

Thanks to you

I have hit rock bottom

While I imagined

A bed of soft silky sand

But no!

Instead I lie here

Numb in the gut

As my mind screams

I told you so!

And my body

Suffers severe spasms

Trying to shake off the pain

All in vain

The injury is too deep

The soul might heal

With time

But the stains will remain

Seeping into the cracks

Along the heart

This pain

Is going nowhere

Till I breath out

The last molecule of air

Staring at Her Dreams

And that pulled out the last thread which shattered her dreams, scattering them as far as she could see.

Voices chirped and screamed, telling her to keep moving forward or she will be left behind in life.

But she just stood there, mesmerized by the beauty of her dreams, thousands of little crystals

shining and gleaming,

each telling its own story.

How could she walk on them, these fragile pieces of gem?

They would crumble into flour and will never be seen again!

So she just sat cross-legged and wept and wept and wept, as the fragments shone even brighter in the darkness that had set around her.

Hours later, still sobbing, she picked up a piece in her cold feeble palm. It was cold and lifeless, but at least it was there.

Slowly she picked up another piece, and another and before she knew it, she went on a frenzy gathering as many as she could, embracing them close to her – grieving yet smiling at the treasure that was once buried inside her, but now laid on display for the world to see around her.