Overcoming Your Intrusion

Overcoming Intrusion

You thought you had me this time

Stepped over my dreams

Smouldered hope – my source of life

To race into the refuge

You had made

From remains of my heart

To sooth your ice-cold soul

I am sorry darling

To ruin your surprise

You forgot a little pea-sized

Piece of hope

A spark so tiny you missed it

Through your own ego

Which blinded your vision

The spark turned into a flame

The flame into a raging fire

Its burning, burning, burning

Darling its burning!

Fueled by passion

Your refuge is burned down to ashes

As my heart catches

Every last bit of dreams and hope

You had abused

With your masquerade of love

That you, yourself had selfishly sewn


Dear Stupid Heart

Dear Stupid HEart Finalest

Dear Stupid Heart

You have failed me

Yet once again

You have gotten out of hands

Thanks to you

I have hit rock bottom

While I imagined

A bed of soft silky sand

But no!

Instead I lie here

Numb in the gut

As my mind screams

I told you so!

And my body

Suffers severe spasms

Trying to shake off the pain

All in vain

The injury is too deep

The soul might heal

With time

But the stains will remain

Seeping into the cracks

Along the heart

This pain

Is going nowhere

Till I breath out

The last molecule of air

How much light does it take to light up the entire night sky



A river,

That flows with passion and purpose

Meanders slowly

Around a rock – glowing purple

A hue deeper than itself


Polished, shiny, new


Inspiring children’s awe

The water pauses,

Sending ripples

In circular directions

Gently and soothingly

Spreading the moonlight

In elegant ballet-like actions

One day, an array of 1 million candles it accepts

Way more than it can handle

Sacrificing, smilingly

Its once clean, untouched surface

Now drinking

 And drenching In dripping wax


Sins scorching away

Compassion at bay,

On the darkest moonless night

Allowing 1 million fingers to intertwine

To seek victory of light


Souls that had lost their way

Under a Poppy Field


Stars start to fade away,

The moon is half

The sky is black

The majestic Atlantic roars

In the distance as the waves dance

Fierce, mighty, loud and massive

Foretelling  a storm on its way

Warning the world to stay in today.

Couples cuddle in bed,

Elderly snore, reliving their forgotten past,

Children dream of dolls, toy cars and yummy treats

A spell has been cast over this city


Everyone sleeps in bountiful peace

A perfect night to cherish the bed,

And bask in the warmth by a balmy hearth

He rises from bed staring at the silent street

The spectacle begins yet once more.

People cheering, families smiling

T’was a celebration of a welcome back

He felt lost in his own home town,

Lonely among the obnoxiously excited crowd

He looks around anxiously

For his childhood friend Jake,

Only knowing too well he won’t be coming back

Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever

He too lies in a deep, eternal sleep

Tucked safely under a poppy field,

A Pumpkin’s Tale

Find a little kid to share a snuggle with, get yourself some pumpkin pie and read this to them. They will love you forever, or at least a very long time until they become teenagers. If there is no kid around, read this tale of a jack-o-lantern to yourself, and the child within you will be revived and excited just in time for Halloween!  


Walking through an eerie forest trail,

I heard a soft whimper from beneath.

I knelt down to see what the poor thing was by my feet.

Buried under freshly fallen red leaves

sat the most orange, roundest and plumpest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It’s eyes were perfect triangles, my teacher would give them the highest grade,

a fair little nose above a tiny stretch of squiggles – its mouth was so finely made.

“Oh little pumpkin, why do you cry?”

“you are so beautiful, tears don’t suit your eyes.” I whispered.

After sobbing a little more, the sad pumpkin finally looked up.

“Surely I am a cutie pie, but I am so lonely I can’t lie!” he replied.

“All my friends are gone, they all have warm cozy homes, and here I am in a forest where nobody roams!.”

He looked down and shuddered and then began to sob even louder and louder.

“Aww my friend don’t you worry, I think I have a solution, but lets hurry.” I said softly.

“Oh what is it?”, he looked at me shockedly

“Why don’t you come home with me?

We can live together as a happy family!” I smiled,

“Are you sure?” he said,

“you are the first person who has ever asked, and I have been here for quiet a long while!”.

“Of course, you silly.” I replied.

“Let’s get going before it becomes dark at night.”

And so I brought a joyful little pumpkin home,

He is so happy to be here, and has never again felt alone!