How much light does it take to light up the entire night sky



A river,

That flows with passion and purpose

Meanders slowly

Around a rock – glowing purple

A hue deeper than itself


Polished, shiny, new


Inspiring children’s awe

The water pauses,

Sending ripples

In circular directions

Gently and soothingly

Spreading the moonlight

In elegant ballet-like actions

One day, an array of 1 million candles it accepts

Way more than it can handle

Sacrificing, smilingly

Its once clean, untouched surface

Now drinking

 And drenching In dripping wax


Sins scorching away

Compassion at bay,

On the darkest moonless night

Allowing 1 million fingers to intertwine

To seek victory of light


Souls that had lost their way


Under a Poppy Field


Stars start to fade away,

The moon is half

The sky is black

The majestic Atlantic roars

In the distance as the waves dance

Fierce, mighty, loud and massive

Foretelling  a storm on its way

Warning the world to stay in today.

Couples cuddle in bed,

Elderly snore, reliving their forgotten past,

Children dream of dolls, toy cars and yummy treats

A spell has been cast over this city


Everyone sleeps in bountiful peace

A perfect night to cherish the bed,

And bask in the warmth by a balmy hearth

He rises from bed staring at the silent street

The spectacle begins yet once more.

People cheering, families smiling

T’was a celebration of a welcome back

He felt lost in his own home town,

Lonely among the obnoxiously excited crowd

He looks around anxiously

For his childhood friend Jake,

Only knowing too well he won’t be coming back

Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever

He too lies in a deep, eternal sleep

Tucked safely under a poppy field,

List Poetry: Street Lights


What Do Streetlights Do? 

Sometimes white sometimes yellow.

They observe the streets both hollow and mellow

with figurines, silhouettes, people and shadows

Dancing, walking, driving, biking,

laughing, smiling, pondering, rejoicing,

smoking for habit, for  pleasure, for grief,


missing, hurting, gazing into nothingness,

rotting and reflecting –

all without realizing they are being watched.

As the sun kisses good bye to the sky,

these silent observers flicker on and provide

an audience for the lonely souls who

take out the garbage and bring in the mail

who train puppies and walk dogs.

They see it all without judgement or care,

first kisses and breakups and love affairs

the drifting leaves in mid air, snowmen melting and colours returning

Babies returning as grand parents

the cycle of life over and over and over again

Saturated with wisdom they stand strong ,

silently watching.

The good, the bad, the left, right and wrong.