Under a Poppy Field


Stars start to fade away,

The moon is half

The sky is black

The majestic Atlantic roars

In the distance as the waves dance

Fierce, mighty, loud and massive

Foretelling  a storm on its way

Warning the world to stay in today.

Couples cuddle in bed,

Elderly snore, reliving their forgotten past,

Children dream of dolls, toy cars and yummy treats

A spell has been cast over this city


Everyone sleeps in bountiful peace

A perfect night to cherish the bed,

And bask in the warmth by a balmy hearth

He rises from bed staring at the silent street

The spectacle begins yet once more.

People cheering, families smiling

T’was a celebration of a welcome back

He felt lost in his own home town,

Lonely among the obnoxiously excited crowd

He looks around anxiously

For his childhood friend Jake,

Only knowing too well he won’t be coming back

Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever

He too lies in a deep, eternal sleep

Tucked safely under a poppy field,


2 thoughts on “Under a Poppy Field

    • I am so glad you felt the emotions flow! Thank you so much for all your support! I think/hope that these fallen soildiers look down upon us with a smile, as artists like those in this community use the expression of freedom to create unity and peace.

      Liked by 1 person

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