A Pumpkin’s Tale

Find a little kid to share a snuggle with, get yourself some pumpkin pie and read this to them. They will love you forever, or at least a very long time until they become teenagers. If there is no kid around, read this tale of a jack-o-lantern to yourself, and the child within you will be revived and excited just in time for Halloween!  


Walking through an eerie forest trail,

I heard a soft whimper from beneath.

I knelt down to see what the poor thing was by my feet.

Buried under freshly fallen red leaves

sat the most orange, roundest and plumpest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It’s eyes were perfect triangles, my teacher would give them the highest grade,

a fair little nose above a tiny stretch of squiggles – its mouth was so finely made.

“Oh little pumpkin, why do you cry?”

“you are so beautiful, tears don’t suit your eyes.” I whispered.

After sobbing a little more, the sad pumpkin finally looked up.

“Surely I am a cutie pie, but I am so lonely I can’t lie!” he replied.

“All my friends are gone, they all have warm cozy homes, and here I am in a forest where nobody roams!.”

He looked down and shuddered and then began to sob even louder and louder.

“Aww my friend don’t you worry, I think I have a solution, but lets hurry.” I said softly.

“Oh what is it?”, he looked at me shockedly

“Why don’t you come home with me?

We can live together as a happy family!” I smiled,

“Are you sure?” he said,

“you are the first person who has ever asked, and I have been here for quiet a long while!”.

“Of course, you silly.” I replied.

“Let’s get going before it becomes dark at night.”

And so I brought a joyful little pumpkin home,

He is so happy to be here, and has never again felt alone!


3 thoughts on “A Pumpkin’s Tale

  1. Reblogged this on Romancing Life and commented:
    This piece managed to bring the biggest and most genuine smile on my face, perhaps because someone fondly calls me Pumpkin. It is a reminder of happy times and even happier memories. I hope it brings forth a smile on your face as well. Happy reading!


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