List Poetry: Street Lights


What Do Streetlights Do? 

Sometimes white sometimes yellow.

They observe the streets both hollow and mellow

with figurines, silhouettes, people and shadows

Dancing, walking, driving, biking,

laughing, smiling, pondering, rejoicing,

smoking for habit, for  pleasure, for grief,


missing, hurting, gazing into nothingness,

rotting and reflecting –

all without realizing they are being watched.

As the sun kisses good bye to the sky,

these silent observers flicker on and provide

an audience for the lonely souls who

take out the garbage and bring in the mail

who train puppies and walk dogs.

They see it all without judgement or care,

first kisses and breakups and love affairs

the drifting leaves in mid air, snowmen melting and colours returning

Babies returning as grand parents

the cycle of life over and over and over again

Saturated with wisdom they stand strong ,

silently watching.

The good, the bad, the left, right and wrong.


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