Songs of Spring

A squirrel scurrying through the damp ground,

Finally comes out, looks around

To find that it has the whole forest to itself and there exist no bounds.

A red robin parched on a leafless branch

Shares stories, sings about its glories –

Reminiscing about the time when the whole world was its ranch

The leaves begin emerging, slowly adorning the moist, bare lumber,

Bringing back life- birds, butterflies, bees and hives,

Once again the air is filled with colours, sounds, souls and wonder

With the battle against the withering winter won, even we have been given a choice:

We can relive the winter blues, meditate upon the cold grey hues

Or, we can give wings to our dreams, songs to our love, and the artist within us a new voice.


8 thoughts on “Songs of Spring

  1. Reblogged this on Romancing Life and commented:
    Spring’s around the corner… for most of us Canadians, while flowers are blooming in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. My talented friend has woven a beautiful string of words dedicated to it’s arrival. Looking for word bright and happy days.


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