A Walk in Autumn

If the end of summer and the cooling temperatures bother you, this lovely poem is going to lift your spirits and make you wanna go for “a walk in autumn”

Romancing Life

Red, orange, yellow, browns and blues
The path oft decorated with vibrant hues
Eerie sound made by the rustling leaves
The light wind shy of the magic it weaves

Way lit by the brilliance of the setting sun
Senses bewitched by the quaint valley one by one
A chilly fall evening showcasing its splendor
Demure smiles, coy looks, young love in all its grandeur

Leading the travellers on a journey most romantic
The beat of the hearts can be heard, getting a bit frantic
Two hands linked, a fit so fine and unique as lock and key
Walk with screaming thoughts in the chosen fashion of destiny

Yours always,

~ Romancing Life

Image Source: http://wallklik.com/

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