A Trip to the Backyard



Walking Down the Runway

She strolled the luscious trail

She strolled the luscious trail

With the galore of a majesty

And strides of a diva

Cheered on by one million fans

Carrying one million dreams

In her deluxe purse

And behind her sanguine smile

She held one million plans

To fulfill them

But suddenly

Her starlet heels got caught on something


She stumbled delicately

She fell

For his smile

She was hypnotized

By those big brown eyes

She did not realize

The crowd was fading out

Her purse was robbed

She tried to flee

To rescue a part of herself

But his arms strangled her being


When he finally let go

She gasped for air

Looking around only to see

Everything was gone

And so was he

She was all alone

Now in a dingy cell

Behind the bars of her own fear

Of loneliness and questions

She cried and hated and despised

In countless hours of darkness


When a drop of dawn touched her

Warming her freezing soul

She looked up surprised

To see a little hole of a window

Her vision was blurred

But she thought it said hope

And with that she brushed her black hair back

And dragged her fatigued body

Towards hope- high up on the dungeon wall

And started planning her escape

For she was determined

To once again rope herself back to life



The Ocean Hand

Ocean Hand

The wind hauled

Picking up a piece of sea

And dropping it to shore

Where it belonged you see

She shut her eyes

Sealing herself from the world

But the droplets

Were firm in their resolve

And soft in their stroke

Gently caressing

Her sunburned cheeks

Attending to burns

Deeper than the skin

Trickling slowly

Into those finely folded wrinkles

Not earned by time

But pierced there

By centuries of torture

Splashing her hair back

They revealed her extinguished eyes

Which once burned with dreams

Ever so fierce

But now lie

Untouched and despised

The sea salt felt

Like a touch of love

Isn’t that nature

She finally inhaled

The majestic tides

Mighty yet docile



Overcoming Your Intrusion

Overcoming Intrusion

You thought you had me this time

Stepped over my dreams

Smouldered hope – my source of life

To race into the refuge

You had made

From remains of my heart

To sooth your ice-cold soul

I am sorry darling

To ruin your surprise

You forgot a little pea-sized

Piece of hope

A spark so tiny you missed it

Through your own ego

Which blinded your vision

The spark turned into a flame

The flame into a raging fire

Its burning, burning, burning

Darling its burning!

Fueled by passion

Your refuge is burned down to ashes

As my heart catches

Every last bit of dreams and hope

You had abused

With your masquerade of love

That you, yourself had selfishly sewn